Karin Livingood

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The love and urge to paint and draw, teach and learn more has always been in Karin's heart. In school she was "the artist" and her high school art teacher encouraged her to further her art education at Mankato State College.
Karin married a band director which moved her to Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. She taught art around the kitchen table to all 4 of her girls and friends and one on one to high school students. Ten years later, Karin sought a job and chose Occupational Therapy, learning at the Madison Tech College. She interned at Parkview Health Center and then worked there for 20 years. She also took art and human services nights at UW - Oshkosh. When she retired, she taught art to all ages of home schoolers. They loved her and won awards too. She also taught in Arizona during the winters. She always loved teaching and learning in watercolor and acrylic.
"The Lord gives me vision of what to paint and when I do, He gives me blessings of awards. I love color and what it does. The greatest compliment is when people say a painting gives them a feeling of hope, joy, peace, or love. It keeps me inspired."