2017 Club Board & General Meeting Minutes

The Sept. 26th, 2017 meeting was called to order by President Sue DeLain at 1:30 p.m.

Sec. Mary Crnkovich read the minutes from the Aug. meeting.

Gary LeBouton gave the treasure's report with an ending balance of $4,901.67.

Sue reported that there is a need for a new board member to take the place of Nancy Smith. Helen Reyes volunteered. She will try to arrange field trips for the club.

Mary will have to miss the Oct. meeting so Audrey will be acting secretary.

Sue reminded everyone that we will be changing pictures at the PAC after the Oct. meeting.

Sue asked about the Evergreen reception and were there any sales. Mary reported the sale of 3 of her books after her talk. Kendra said she would like us to do a show every other year rather than once a year to give other artists a chance to display.

Pat Spear gave update on the watercolor workshop to be held Fri. & Sat., May 25 & 26 in 2018. She will finalize things in April and will possibly have room for 14.

Pat also reported on the 70th Anniversary party plans.

The club Christmas party will be held Dec. 5 at the library.

Ideas for the Winter Challenge were presented. "Wildlife" was the chosen theme.

Snacks were provided by Stephanie & Ginny. Thank you. Next month Sue DeLain and Nancy Smith will bring snacks.
A snack sheet was passed around for 2018.

The meeting was adjourned and David Leverett gave a demo with acrylic painting.

Respectively submitted
Mary Crnkovich, Secterary


"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means
of education, encouragement,
and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among
persons interested
in such endeavors."

Club Bylaws