Growing up in small towns in Wisconsin I was intrigued by art.  In my younger years I was devoted to finishing my pieces. I loved seeing others reactions to my art.  It became a cycle that I enjoyed.


I knew that I was a true artist but didn’t have a lot of direction. My high school art teacher, Paula Hanson, a truly great person, channeled my energy in the right direction and gave me the confidence and drive that I needed.


In 2006 I graduated from Madison College. I am very grateful for some of the outstanding instructors that helped me along the way.  Finishing my education was not an easy task, I received love and support from my family, my beautiful wife and daughter.


Most of my ideas come from under the box. I don’t like to be connected to one media, style or technique.   Visual stimulation is my goal. A little reality with a twist. I consider myself a serious artist  that still likes to have fun and experiment.  Art is my passion, I feel that I’m a visual composer, creating emotions and wonder.  A bit of magic mixed with paint.   When I’m painting I'm creating a window to another place.  It’s a great escape.  I get lost in time and nothing else seems to matter.  The best part of the whole process is sitting back and enjoying my piece and watching others reactions.  To me that feels  like a great accomplishment.




Membership Brochure



"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means

of education, encouragement,

and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among

persons interested

in such endeavors."


Club Bylaws

  Membership Brochure designed and developed

by club member Kriss Boeck

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Here's a photo of Kriss receiving a critique at our Rural Rembrandt Annual Show.  Kriss won a first place ribbon for his piece.