Pat Spear

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Pat Spear



 Learn to listen to the secret language of nature.”—Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


I love the natural world and draw my inspiration from its tracks; leaf prints on a sidewalk, animal tracks in sand and snow, ancient markings in stone, and the impressions natural beings leave on paper. Rather than imposing my will or trying to control, I co-create and let nature take the lead in my watercolor monoprint process.


My work honors the earth and the spirit of place. I often use metal rusted by the elements and other gifts from nature, soak my paper in rainwater under the moon, and dry my work in the sun. Recently I've been using encaustic paints, using beeswax from a neighbor's hives.










"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means

of education, encouragement,

and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among

persons interested

in such endeavors."


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