WRAP 2020


The first online WRAP sponsored by the Rural Rembrandt Art Club happened  in a Zoom meeting on Saturday, June 27th.   Angela Johnson, WRAP director, spoke about the necessity of going on-line due to the social distancing requirements of the Covid pandemic.


In just four months she had managed to get 8 wraps online; and has created a State Conference that will run the entire weekend online.


Helen Klebesadel created a powerpoint demo that Tony, one of the participants, said was exactly like working with her in person. It was also gorgeous, as she is an excellent artist, teacher, and has superior computer skills. Helen agreed to share her demo, which includes a challenge, in our Wautoma gallery on the WRAP site with our work.Check the site, it will be posted soon.


Helen also did a virtual critique and awards presentation that described her experience with the art, and the reasons for her choices.  She singled out works of note, and awarded honorable mentions and state awards in a deep, heartfelt and encouraging voiceover.


The WRAP show this year would not have been possible without the help of Gary Lebouton, who photographed the work and got all 35 pieces ready for Patsy Hutchinson, who created the album, Helen and Angela. And the artists who made it happen.  Thank you all for participating and submitting such beautiful work.


"Beauty is a form of spirituality. Once you start making something with your hand, the healing starts. I call this creative grieving."—Betye Saar, artist


Pat Spear



This year's WRAP winners are...




* Pat Spear, Caught in the Web of Covid, video assemblage

* Silvia Cavagnero, The Smell of Sadness, graphic and chalk on toned paper

* Haley Syroka , Deep Waters, photography.

* Mary Crnkovich, Hard Rock Farm, fabric

* Kathleen Sletton, Urban Forest, photography



* Joan Cason, Autumn in the Park, pastel

* Karin Livingood, My Easter Gift to You, watercolor

* Rachel Pavlic, Horses of a Different Color, w/c collage on yupo

* Deborah Bondi, Decision, photography

* Cath Eckart, Picnic Island, watercolor



* Joel O’Brien, Jelly, drawing

* Kaci Koltz, Mushroom Kingdom, acrylic

* Tony Saiia, Granpa's Stone House, watercolor




To view the paintings along with all other submissions, click on the link below:


































To view the paintings in our 2020 WRAP show click the link button below: