Rural Rembrandt Art Club

                  2019 WRAP SHOW




"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means

of education, encouragement,

and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among

persons interested

in such endeavors."


Club By-laws


Click above to see the Club's  complete Constitution and By-Laws.

Last year we held our Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) exhibition at the Wautoma Senior Center in Wautoma, WI. on Saturday, June 1st.


The program is open to all non-professional and student artists! Exemplary pieces receive State awards and are invited to the annual WRAP State Exhibition and Conference,  where your work is celebrated along with other artist from across the state of Wisconsin, and over $4500 is given away in prizes!



State winners for the 2018 WRAP event were (from L to R) Marcia Nechkash, Dawn Bernier, Kaci Koltz, Rachel Pavlic, Mary Crnkovich, Helen Reyes and Joan Carson

Honorable mention winners for the 2018 WRAP event were (from L to R) Selma Glunn, Ginny Jungwirth, Yvonne Stefanski, Tony Saiia, Cath Eckhart, and Karin Livinggood

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